Jose Llamas / Founder

A founding member of the team, Jose is a self-professed easy-going beach bum. His love for nature and his country inspired him to start S107 as a way to promote the Philippine islands. A proud Ilonggo, who thinks the best thing about his lifestyle is that he gets to work with his family, Jose sees everyday life as an adventure. He intends to continue to do the thing he loves to do—design—while traveling the world and meeting new people.

Ria Atayde / Founder

Everyone knows Ria as an actress, but amidst all the glamour, this travel junkie is an island girl at heart. It was no surprise to her family and friends that her business involved focusing on what she loved about the Philippines and the beach. Her focus in S107 is to get everyone to see how diverse the Philippines is, and to promote Filipino culture; for people to see the Philippines the way she sees it, a place for great adventures.

Martin Atayde / Artist

Diver, surfer, wave watcher. This ocean-baby is constantly by the sea, which is his main inspiration for the shirts he designs. Martin cannot imagine a life without the ocean, and everything he does, whether it be a hobby or work, brings him back to the water. He wants to open a surf and dive resort one day, a place where he can share his way of life with people who come to visit.

Gabriel Atayde

In his opinion, the three best things about Gabby’s lifestyle is that his work is fun and interesting, he works with family, and every day is a surprise. And how can it not be? This S107 founder’s hobbies include reptiles, re-purposed art, and power tools. If that isn’t unusual enough, his unfulfilled dream is to trek through the Amazon