We are holding a contest all summer long! We're giving away Php10,000.00 each month to the best selfie!

How to join:

  • Follow S107 on both Instagram and Facebook
  • Post a selfie wearing an S107 shirt (you can be with friends, but no more than 3 people).
  • Tag S107 in your post, use the hashtag #designedbythetropics and tell your friends you have joined the S107 Summer Selfie Contest.
  • Ask your friends for Likes because number of likes is 25% of the judging criteria.
  • Submit the high resolution version of the photo to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. along with your name, Instagram name, and place where the photo was taken.
  • You will receive an email with your entry confirmation.



  • Contestants must be at least 13 years old to join and possess a valid Philippine ID.
  • Contestants understand that their photo will be used on S107's social media accounts, both during and after the contest.
  • You may submit multiple entries to the contest.
  • Following announcement, the winner will be contacted via email for the collection of their prize.
S107 Lifestyle

“As soon as flat season is over, I’m outta here.”

Isn’t that what so many of us say? Yet here we all are, looking at a computer, getting ready for a work day, and once again wishing we lived on the beach. Before any of us start cursing the world and our luck, let’s all look at the bright side: It’s February. That means the waves are rolling and we’ve got a major long weekend coming up, and that long weekend is right on the tail-end of surf season too.

In anticipation for the weekend--it is never too late to start planning, right?--we decided to put together the S107 List of Surfsentials. Because honestly, we’re dreaming about all those swells.

  1. Your surfboard. Your surf wax. An extra fin (or two). An extra board leash. -- If you’re a surfer, we need not explain.
  2. Money. GoPro. Smartphone. Music / Speakers. Powerbank.
  3. A tent, a towel, a sleeping bag or hammock (a couple of yoga mats can make a good bed too.) The best surf spots are often the unknown, off the beaten track, unpopulated places that need to be reached by boat. Make sure you have shelter, and if you do plan on staying, figure out how you’ll feed yourself too!
  4. Sun protection. Don’t be a fool and think the sun won’t harm you in the water. Slap on that sunscreen and make sure you reapply. To get the full beach-feel, check out sister-brand The Tropical Shop for some other needs, like lip balm, soap, shampoo… you do plan on washing your hair, right?
  5. First aid kit. This is useful no matter what kind of out of trip you’re on. You never really know what will happen so it’s always best to be prepared.
  6. Enough S107 shirts to last you five days 😜 It doesn’t hurt that we are on 10% of in all our Cinderella stores this February, or that we offer free shipping on most online purchases. (Shop the collection.)
  7. Your ride-or-die buddies. Because really, what’s a surf trip without them?

Finally, don’t forget to bring the good vibes. As we all learn, it doesn’t matter that you can’t ride the waves everyday, what matters is that you still go ride the waves.

For a super list of surfsentials, click here.

For a list of the best surf spots in the country, click on the little blue link.

S107 Lifestyle

Whether you say Aloha, Mabuhay, or Kia ora, if you feel that the ocean runs through your veins then it matters little where you’re from or what you say, you understand our lifestyle. Fun, free spirited, always looking for the next wave, dive spot, and undiscovered cove, that is the S107 life. And can you blame us?

With over seven thousand islands to explore, living from one seaventure to the next comes naturally to us, and that is what we want to translate into our clothing. This past 2016, we launched our latest collection, one that features mermaids, octopi, our updated logo, and some fun tribal prints. We also created our first lookbook with the incredible Carlo Casas as our photographer and our awesome brand ambassadors, Dino Kilates, Ash Kiefer, Bryan McCleland, and Lucy Fischer.

In a nutshell, 2016 rocked!

We’re ready to make 2017 rock even more beginning with the launch of our website. We’re now making our designs available for purchase online, ready for shipping worldwide, and just more accessible. Big plans are also underway for more interactive social media channels, so if you haven’t followed us yet, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Social media is one of the best ways to stay in touch, for us to share adventures with you, and for us to follow your adventures. Who knows, you may just inspire us to send some free merch your way. ;) Until then, take it easy and keep it chill, ‘cause that’s the only way to live, right?

See you on the beach!